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K9Plus KINGHAT Wall-Mounted Body Thermometer Infrared Therm

    • [BROADEST US 4G LTE COVERAGE] The camera offers a great option to remotely monitor wildlife and/or a mobile surveillance solution. No Wi-Fi required. Works anywhere within the US with cellular coverage.
    • [EASY AND FAST SETUP] Setup and Activation is a breeze with our auto scan technology. You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
    • [INDUSTRY LEADING PHOTO QUALITY] to provide clear day and night images with industry leading compression software. In addition to the standard transmitted files the KH765 gives you the ability to request HD full resolution images remotely from the app.
    • [BROAD RANGE OF USE CASES] Customizable upload settings ranging from Real Time to 24 Hr batch uploads. Giving you the option of receiving your photos/videos seconds after they were taken or conserve battery life by receiving your photos/videos once per day.
    • [COMPLETE CAMERA CONTROL REMOTLEY] Mobile app for iOS and Android offers full control over the camera remotely while being the simplest easy to use yet most intuitive mobile app available. FW updates setting changes SD formatting photo/video downloads and take photo/video requests are all possible without being at the camera location.

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